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A Dozen Date Functions and More September 2008 v12, n2 Launch View
Which Browser January 2010 v13, n6 Launch View
Add a Web Theme
Updated and Added 3D Effects.
November 2010
January 2015
v14, n4 Launch View
Add or Remove Meta Tags May 2011 v14, n10 Launch View
Default Enter Button June 2011 v14, n11 Launch View
Working with Multi-Dimensional Arrays September 2011 v15, n2 Launch View
Add YouTube Video to Web Site October 2011 v15, n3 Launch View
Find Where in the World Using IP Address November 2011 v15, n4 Launch View
Popup a Photo in a Separate Window December 2011 v15, n5 Launch View
WebPath - Various Request.Url Results
Updated for Smart Phones
January 2012
May 2016
v15, n6 Launch View
Dynamic Background Images February 2012 v15, n7 Launch View
Make a Seamless Repeating Background Image March 2012 v15, n8 Launch View
Sticky Heading and Footing April 2012 v15, n9 Launch View
Gradient Background Image May 2012 v15, n10 Launch View
Dynamic iFrames June 2012 v15, n11 Launch View
Test if a Url Exists July 2012 v15, n12 Launch View
Overlay Images
Updated to allow Offset of the Foreground Image
September 2012
January 2016
v16, n02 Launch View
Find EMail Address in String July 2013 v16, n12 Launch View
Resize Window Based Upon Photo Size August 2013 v17, n01 Launch View
Launch Browser Using the Windows Task Scheduler
Click 'With Name' to pass a Name Parameter
December 2014 v18, n05 Launch
With Name
Fancy 3D Boxes using Style 'border-radius' and 'box-shadow' January 2015 v18, n06 Launch View
Find a Word in a String Using .IndexOf February 2015 v18, n07 Launch View
Cookies - Write, Read, Delete, Test September 2015 v19, n02 Launch View
Line Height - Use Style.Add to Set a Label's Line Height December 2015 v19, n05 Launch View
Send a Text Message to a Smartphone via EMail December 2016 v20, n05 Launch View
Crop an Image and Resize the Result October 2018 v21, n03 Launch View
Tip-of-the-Month - Larry has been providing a VB tip-of-the-month since 1997. Visitors to the tip's site have been able to download the tip's source code. There have been more than 600,000 downloads. Many of the recent tips contain an ASP.Net demonstration application which can be accessed by clicking 'Launch' above.
Launch Demo - Previously visitors were required to download the source code, launch the solution file in Visual Studio then run the demo from the IDE. In the future the demo will be published to this web site. Click 'Launch' to run the demo application or click 'View' to link to the documentation that describes it.
Background Image - The background image on this page, PhoenixAtNight.jpg, was created using Make a Seamless Image - the March 2012 tip.

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